New afterschool grant secured by bet28365体育投注 ISD

Monday, July 12, 2021


Cindy Aguirre-Herrera

(bet28365体育投注) – The bet28365体育投注 ISD has landed a multi-million-dollar boost in its efforts to ensure the success of all students across the district. The district is the recipient of the Texas Afterschool Centers on 教育 program grant to the tune of $1.7 million a year annually over five years. During the 2021- 2022 school year, bet28365体育投注 ISD plans to establish Texas ACE programs at the district’s seven elementary campuses and both middle schools.

bet28365体育投注 ISD负责人表示,他认为德州ACE项目只是另一个旨在提高学生和家庭成功的游戏规则改变者.

“The purpose of this grant is to not only serve students but also serve to their families and what makes this significant beyond the number of dollars that are going to come into the system is that it is going to provide an opportunity for some of our most at risk students and their families to have a space where they can participate in not only in enrichment learning opportunities but also opportunities for adults in those families to also engage in learning and so that’s what really makes this grant a really big deal not only for the school district but also the community,古铁雷斯说:“.

古铁雷斯表示,ACE项目对bet28365体育投注 ISD家庭的好处是无限的,他期待在本学年开始实施大量的可能性. 

“Some of the ways that it can benefit are some literacy programs for adults, GED programs for adults, looking at some of our parents, 365体育投注的社区成员不会说英语,提供他们学习英语的机会,同时也提供机会让学生在学校的一个安全的地方待到下午6:30.m. 在那里,学生可以参加他们感兴趣的各种项目,并为需要额外时间学习的学生提供延长的在校时间,古铁雷斯说:“.

Gutierrez says the afterschool program, 更重要的是, will help overcome learning gaps experienced during the 2020-2021 school year.

“The timing is just right as we are planning for addressing COVID slide and to have these additional resources on top of the federal funding is going to allow us to really provide laser focus support to students so that we can ensure they get back on target and on grade level so they are prepared for the following grade level but also prepared for STAAR next spring,古铁雷斯说:“. “直到下午六点半.m. is not going to be fully students continuing to learn but carving out a portion of that time for students to engage in additional learning especially in response to COVID as we work through COVID recovery -- one of the ways that we want our students to recover is to address that unfinished learning and so this is going to provide us the opportunity to be able to do that.”

Thanks to this funding, the district is planning to target anywhere from 700- 800 students for this program.

“The real purpose of this program is really to address four things. 一个, to help address reading and mathematics, to get the school district to achieve higher test scores when it comes to STAAR, to address issues with discipline – to get into a place where we are seeing fewer discipline problems, fewer discipline referrals to the principal’s office, to our alternative program, to also address attendance issues which historically have been an issue and a concern for the bet28365体育投注 ISD. 在接下来的五年里,365体育投注会继续研究研究数据比较参加这个项目的学生和没有参加的学生的出勤率,最后, looking at increasing the likelihood of grade level promotion. So, 不只是关注与STAAR相关的考试成绩,而是真正关注帮助365体育投注的学生提高所有学科领域的整体成绩,古铁雷斯说:“.

While the bet28365体育投注 ISD celebrates this multimillion-dollar grant, Gutierrez says this isn’t the first time that the district has applied for the funding. It has been about three years since the district first failed short of being selected.

“我真的觉得365体育投注在一个更好的地方获得这格兰特,因为365体育投注所做的一切在过去四年特别是所有的计划和项目,365体育投注已经能够实施的结果365体育投注的战略计划. 我认为这使365体育投注在这一轮中更具竞争力,365体育投注能够获得这笔赠款是因为365体育投注在整个地区都有创新的计划和倡议,古铁雷斯说:“.

Gutierrez says the ACE program is more than just about funding, he says it’s a program that has proven successful in other districts.

“That’s why you see districts being awarded these dollars time and time again. It’s been over two decades that this has been in place, 你可以看到一些地区从一开始就参与其中,因为他们在我刚才提到的那些地区取得了成功. So, 365体育投注非常有信心,因为365体育投注所有的学校都得到了这样的支持,365体育投注将能够看到巨大的进步和增长. 当然, except the high school and MLBC and so we are looking forward to the impact that this going to have in addition to everything that we have in place,古铁雷斯说:“.

According to the Texas 教育 Agency, results from statewide program evaluations of Texas ACE have shown that participants, when compared with non-participants, experience higher test scores in reading/English language arts and mathematics while in grades nine through 12; fewer disciplinary incidents while in grades six through 12; fewer school day absences while in grades four through 12; and an increased likelihood of grade promotion overall.


“I think another question that is going to come of this is okay, how does this impact the partnership that bet28365体育投注 ISD has with the city through the JAMM Program, 365体育投注的许多学生和他们的家庭利用的是为学生提供的课后项目,这实际上会加强这种关系,365体育投注计划继续这种伙伴关系,因为这个特定的项目是开放的,它不针对特定的儿童群体. So, we will continue to see JAMM play a significant role in afterschool programming in the bet28365体育投注 ISD schools but what we hope to do is to be able to provide additional opportunities to those students who are participating in JAAM so that they have an opportunity to engage in some of the enrichment programs that we are going to be providing to our schools at the end of the school day,古铁雷斯说:“.

The next step for the district is to now hire those who will help oversee the federally funded program. He says positions include site coordinators for each of the participating campuses, 地区总监, family coordinator plus a secretary to help support these districtwide positions.

“The nine Texas ACE sites will be supported by on-site coordinators who will work directly with teachers, administrators and parents. A grant director and family engagement coordinator will oversee the program throughout the grant period. bet28365体育投注 ISD ACE项目将提供高质量的补充丰富活动,与365体育投注的常规学术项目保持一致,并注重创造性, 亲自动手的, and exploratory learning,古铁雷斯说:“.

School district officials say community partners for the Texas ACE grant will also include Texas Lutheran University and the city of bet28365体育投注.

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